ELECOM BlueLight Cut Glasses Clear Lens Wellinton Tortoiseshell


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ekuriabururaito measures glasses which reduce blue light developed for modern people that there are many opportunities when we continue seeing displays such as PC or smartphone health care with glasses.

Blue light measures glasses of Wellington type of calm atmosphere

We cut “blue light” which displays such as PC or smartphone rise from approximately 39% and are ekuriabururaito measures glass valuing eye. Reversely trapezoidal Wellington type creates calm atmosphere. Vertical width is wide and is effective in showing to small face. He/she balances with outline on recommendation in oval-faced one.

With blue light

Blue light is blue light included in displays (LED, organic electroluminescence backlight) such as PC or smartphone. It is said that it arrives to the depths of eyes, and blue light may cause drops of retina function, and influence to give eyes is concerned about.

We adopt clear lens

We adopt clear lens and realize natural view and style. We adopt acrylic lens which is light on lens, and is high in transparency.

99.9% of UV cut rates

We realize UV cut rate 99.9% which ultraviolet rays which are harmful to eyes and body intercept well.

It is hard to be tired even if we wear for a long time and is strong

It is safe and adopts super lightweight plastic material which is hard to be worn-out even if we wear for a long time. We adopt Polycarbonate which is hard to strongly fail for shock to frame.

With storing porch which becomes glasses *

Drawstring purse type storing porch which we can use as glasses wiping which are convenient for carrying around and storage is attached.


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