ELECOM BlueLight Cut Glass CO (Brown)


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■ Japan made of high quality model blue lights to cut 65%! blue light protection glasses to cut off intensive
‘blue light’ emitted by the display, such as personal computers and smart phones.
■ is the blue light protection glasses “blue lights” display, such as personal computers and
Smartphones is approximately 65% cut and the eyes to “PC GLASSES”.
■ high quality models from frame lens ever produced in Japan everything is.
■ ideal for those who obstruct the view lighter rimless design, so keep watching display for a long time.
■ can respond flexibly to the face width of rimless design also lens distortion does not occur, can demonstrate the best optical performance.
■ using fatigue wear, easy fit and semistraighttemple design.
■ using the ultra lightweight elastic material was developed in Switzerland in the Temple “tr-90”, provides a better fit.
■ equipped with the glass chain, attached to the Temple Hall.
■ comes with storage pouch carrying and convenient storage. The pouch is available as cleaning glasses.
«Overview of products»
■ color: Brown
■ frame type: rimless
■ lens color: Brown
■ size: 54 ❑ 17-131
■ weight: 16 g
■ lens material: plastic
■ lens frame material: plastic
■ Temple material: plastic
■ visible light transmittance: 66%
■ Blue cut rate: 65%
■ UV transmittance:1.0% below
■ contents: glasses, storage bag


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