ELECOM 2A For Micro USB Slim (1.2m)


SKU: MPA-AMBCL2U12GN Warranty: 1 Year


Made with a specially shaped micro-B connector that makes it quick and easy to connect.
A slim micro-USB cable that can be used with a high-output AC charger or portable power charger to provide
an extremely fast charge to your smartphone.

• Connects a PC, AC charger or portable power charger with a USB (A-type:
female) interface to a device, such as a smartphone, with a USB (micro-B
type: female) interface in order to transmit data or charge power.
• Designed to minimize voltage drops and able to utilize a smartphone’s
charging performance to the maximum.
• Considerably reduces charging time when used with a high-output AC
charger or portable power charger.
* The smartphone is required to support charges with an electric current of 1 A or higher.
* In order to maintain safety, please use an AC charger or portable power charger with a
rated output of 1.5 A or higher.
• Made with an easy-to-handle slim cable measuring 3.5 mm in diameter.
• Able to transfer data by connecting it to a PC, making it perfect for
transferring image and data files from your smartphone.
* Cannot provide fast charging speeds when connected to a PC. This is a slim cable
that is easy to handle, measuring 3.5 mm in diameter.
• Supports the USB 2.0 standard, achieving a fast data transfer speed of
480 Mbps.
• Made with gold-plated pins that are rust-resistant and prevent signal
degradation; designed to provide a high level of safety and durability.
• Made with a trapezoidal micro-B connector that is easy to insert and
remove, and which makes it easy to use the right way up.
• Made with flame-resistant material to increase its level of safety.
• This is an environmentally friendly product that complies with the EU RoHS
Directive (Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical
and Electronic Equipment).


• Connector type: USB (A) male – USB (micro-B) male
• Supported devices:
USB (A) male – PCs, power chargers, portable power chargers, etc. with a USB (A) port;
USB (micro-B) male – smartphones, etc. with a USB (micro-B) port
• Cable length: 1.2 m
• Conformity standards: USB 2.0 (HI-SPEED mode)
• Transmission speed: 480 Mbps
• Plug plating finish: gold-plated pins
• Function: to transfer data to devices such as PCs with a USB (A) port,
and smartphones with a USB (micro-B) port, and charge devices, such as
smartphones, with a USB (micro-B) port.


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