Gaming Earphone

CM Storm Resonar Gaming Earphone

  • Powerful Sound
  • Aluminium Housing
  • Audio / Mic Splitter
  • In-Line Mic and Remote
  • Inside the headset – quality components
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Resonar includes exclusive 8mm drivers with patented BassFX technology that produce crystal clear sound and powerful bass, making Resonar able to fulfill gamers needs for explosive combat and a wide variety of musical genres. The housing is constructed from high-grade aluminum and is specially engineered for gamers to offer the finest quality and durability over a long lifespan. The included passive noise cancellation rubber caps outperforms some active noise canceling systems in the market. To ensure compatibility with multiple computer and mobile devices while providing a pure audio experience, an add-on splitter with gold-plated connectors is included. An inline microphone with a precise sensor enables Resonar to record clearer audio while avoiding background noise. Avoid irritating wire tangles with Resonars mess-free cable system and switch between gaming and phone calls easily with its included remote. The CM Storm Resonar is a premium in-ear headset forged for the competitive gamer who demands portability and exceptional sound quality to aid them in making split-second decisions. Whether playing a PC game, speaking with friends and family over the Internet, listening to music, or watching videos, Resonar was designed to provide a superb audio experience.